Sample Dances

Circassian Circle

Simple Dance
Bring a partner into a big circle.

  • Into the middle 4 steps and out 4 steps, twice.
  • Women go into middle, clap, and come back out; men do the same, turning to face partner as they come out.
  • All swing with partner, ending facing round the dance.
  • Promenade 8 steps anticlockwise.

To make the dance progressive, tell the men to pass on to woman in front at end of promenade.

Music: 32 bar jigs/reels
Listen to Circassian Circle by the Clarty Cloot Ceilidh Band.

Turning By Threes

Circle for Three Couples

  • Taking hands, circle L (two bars) and then turn single left (two bars).
  • Taking hands, circle R and then turn single R
  • With partner, go back-to-back
  • Two quick changes of Rs and Ls, followed by a R-hand turn with the next person once around
  • Men left hand star once around
  • Women right hand star once around
  • Men dance to the center with two single steps (step, close; step, close).
  • As men fall back, women dance to the center with two single steps
  • Women look over R-shoulder and gypsy with this new man, about 1 1/4 around, back into the circle.

Tune: Tourner a Trois, Paul Machlis, 3/4
Dance from: A Finite Set of Calculated Figures, 2003 Gary Roodmam

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